Toshiba Tecra Module
Linux kernel module to suporte Tecra laptops

This is a kernel module that supports all of the features in the the Toshiba Tecra laptop that I have, including LCD brightness, bluetooth and wireless control, Fn key detection, etc.

Be aware that some of the functions will need to have the su pport of a userland tool, since the Fn keys always return the same scancode to X; what makes the difference is the value tha t is captured and made available in /proc/acpi/tecra/hotkey. A userland utility can watch the value and take actions (e.g. calling the mixer application, locking the session, etc).

This isn't very polished yet but it is a start. I hope it will be useful.

Special regards should be made to Thorsten Zachmann for the smi_command that is the bulk of the complex work and to John Belmonte in which module mine was based; also a thank you is in order to Toshiba Linux Support who made available the technical documentation necessary to make this module complete.

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